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Energy and Climate


In energy and climate,
Triodos Investment
Management was
responsible for a
reduction of over
900,000 tonnes of CO2
and generating 810 MW
of sustainable energy.

It is essential to reduce energy demand, to use energy as efficiently as possible, and for massive investment in renewable energy systems to deliver a transition from a carbon-based economy to a more sustainable economy. Triodos Investment Management has over 25 years’ experience of investing in renewable energy, making it a preferred partner for many investors and renewable energy entrepreneurs.

Assets under management for the Energy and Climate sector were EUR 847 million by the year end (2015: EUR 880 million).1 The lower assets under management in this sector result from Triodos Renewables plc becoming an independent company from Triodos Bank, and as such it is no longer managed by Triodos Investment Management since March 2016. With a strong record of generating clean electricity, profits and bringing a large number of investors together, Triodos Renewables was at a size where it was able to successfully stand alone as a fully independent company. Independence means the company can now be more flexible and agile capitalising on opportunities in the sustainable energy market. This would not have been possible, to the same extent, if the company had remained legally part of a regulated financial institution. Triodos Renewables is now operating under the name Thrive Renewables.

The total renewable energy equity and loan portfolio of Triodos Renewables Europe Fund and Triodos Groenfonds consisted of 92 projects, 84 of which had a total sustainable power generation capacity of approximately 810 MW. Together this contributed to the avoidance of over 0.9 million tonnes of CO2 emissions in 2016, equivalent to the electricity consumption of 550,000 European households.

These projects are comprised of 51 wind power projects, 26 solar photovoltaic projects, 1 biomass project, 7 heat/cold storage projects, 1 hydro project and 6 projects in a construction phase.

1 This figure includes the investments made by Triodos Groenfonds in the organic agriculture sector. As this fund is managed from this business-line this figure is included here in this report.

Building on its significant growth of the assets under management in 2016, Triodos Groenfonds increased its positive impact on the transition towards a more sustainable society by investing in some front-running projects. For instance Wind farm Bouwdokken, which will be built on the dikes surrounding the former building docks of Delta park Neeltje Jans in Zeeland, The Netherlands. The wind farm will produce over 130 kWh of electricity annually, equaling the electricity needs of over 42.000 households and a CO2 reduction of 87.000 tonnes. The wind farm has also contributed to the development of footpaths and nature development projects on Neeltje Jans.

Triodos Renewables Europe Fund has also invested in roof mounted solar panels for beer brewer, Heineken, together with the Dutch renewable energy supplier SolarAccess. This follows a 2015 investment in solar panels on the rooves of Heineken’s distribution centres in The Netherlands. The joint project adds 2.3 MWp of solar PV production capacity on the roof of a Heineken brewery in Massafra, Italy. With the installation of an additional 8,800 solar panels the total installed capacity of the plant will be 3.3 MWp, which makes it the largest solar PV project installed on a beer brewery, worldwide. Due to the location in the south of Italy production will be relatively high, matching the annual electricity demand of approximately 1,850 Italian households. The generated electricity will be used by the brewery. The solar project realises a reduction of 1,722 tonnes CO2-emission.