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A Reference Point for Sustainable Banking

As well as deliver the benefits of sustainable banking directly through its finance, Triodos Bank promotes the idea that money can be used consciously through the banking system as a positive force for good, directly contributing to its strategic goal to act as a reference point for banking. This role is one its stakeholders value very highly and it remains a key strategic objective of the organisation.

Triodos Bank marked a ‘Banking on Values’ day in Spain with multiple events in different locations where Triodos Bank has a commercial office. 1,200 people participated in these events to meet other customers and to get to know some of the projects financed with their money. The branch was more active in networking too, engaging with various organisations working on values, the human economy and sustainability. For example, the branch took part in the launch of B Corp Spain – a body that certifies sustainable businesses. It also signed an agreement with the impact equity crowd funding company La Bolsa Social, and started to collaborate with universities and social entrepreneur networks.

The Belgian and Dutch branches collaborated on a shared vision for the care sector which led to events which brought together stakeholders from across the sector. The Belgian branch strengthened its position as a sector expert by partnering with organisations in various sectors on topics including the social implications of an ageing population, circular economy challenges in the real estate sector and corporate philanthropy in the cultural sector. Triodos Bank received the Three Star Havelaar Award from Fairtrade Belgium: the highest score possible for Fairtrade engagement at the office.

During the year the Dutch branch acted as a catalyst for the sustainable business community through various events including the Heart Head Awards, ‘meet ups’ for entrepreneurs working across different sectors; for example, bringing an internationally recognised artist to work with entrepreneurs in the care sector. The branch was active in important debates linked to its work including ‘phosphate law’ influencing legislation in support of sustainable dairy farming, and working with partners in De Groene Zaak (The Green Cause) on a popular debate around the Dutch Government’s Climate Plan.

Triodos Bank was prominent in the UK press during the year on the strength of profiles of its new Managing Director and research published to raise awareness about sustainable finance. The branch also participated in Banking Futures, a forum created for a sustained, multi-stakeholder dialogue about bank reform. The initiative strengthens links between the financial system and the real economy.