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Impact Investments

Investments take place through investment funds or investment institutions bearing the Triodos name and are managed by Triodos Investment Management. The funds are offered to retail investors through Triodos Bank and third parties like other banks, and to non-retail investors in a number of countries. The investment funds vary in size and risk profile. For more details about its work, visit the Triodos Investment Management chapter here.

Triodos Bank acquired a social impact bond consultancy, Evidence Based Social Investments (ESBI), during the year, further supporting Triodos Corporate Finance’s efforts to pioneer innovative finance models in UK social investment. The UK team also supported Thrive, a renewable energy company previously run by Triodos itself, in a retail bond offer raising GBP 7.5 million, within a month.

In Belgium tighter regulations on retail investments has made sustainable investments less attractive. This meant the branch only reached 50% of its target in Socially Responsible investment Funds growing by 12% (2015: 42%) or EUR 191 million. The Belgian branch now manages Private Banking funds of EUR 351 million (2015: 266 million). Growth in investments in Socially Responsible Investment funds was below projections, as was growth in depository receipts in Triodos Bank itself, because of increasingly stringent retail investment regulations and the challenge of differentiating authentically sustainable investments.

In Spain a new pension plan which uses stringent Socially Responsible Investment and impact criteria was developed during the year. EUR 12.0 million was also raised in equity thanks to a campaign at the end of the year together with the permanent offer of depository receipts. Over 8,000 Spanish clients now invest in Triodos Bank.

EUR 3.3 million was invested during the year in Triodos sustainable funds in Germany. Its funds now total EUR 12.6 million (2015: 9.5 million).

In The Netherlands growth in distributed funds was 8% and EUR 95 million (2015: 181 million). The Triodos Multi Impact Fund, launched in December 2015, invests about 30% of its invested funds in selected impact bonds and approximately 70% in Triodos Investment Funds and products. The fund grew to EUR 38 million during the year.

The Dutch branch contributed EUR 67 million in new capital for the bank itself with 1,700 new depository receipt holders choosing to invest. Their combined investment in The Netherlands is now EUR 462 million.