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In conclusion

When assessing our results we aim to strike the right balance between measurable goals described in the strategic objectives table above and an integrated, holistic view of our performance derived from reflecting in cross-country meetings for example.

Monetary policy and a low interest rate environment mean increasing the ratio of loans to funds entrusted continues to be an important focus for our efforts. Given this context in 2016 we are pleased to have moved this ratio in a positive direction. We also recognise that both continuing to deliver and develop our business as usual and innovating is one of our key challenges for the coming years.

Together Triodos Bank’s divisions have taken steps to become more of a learning organisation during the year. We have developed more sustainable products and continue to invest in key products for the future, including a UK current account and sustainable personal loans. And we have broadened our scope helping to maintain and further build on relationships that bind the community we work with together.

While there was much to celebrate in 2016, we are living through a disruptive time. To address the challenges and opportunities it presents we will build on our work in the future to finance and facilitate a new social, sustainable and smart economy. 

Zeist, 24 March 2017

Triodos Bank Executive Board
Peter Blom, Chair
Pierre Aeby
Jellie Banga