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Environmental Report

Triodos Bank promotes sustainable development both in how it lends and invests the money entrusted to it and in how it operates as an organisation itself. It actively works to measure its impact on the environment and reduce it where possible, including via its suppliers and customers.

Our Key Objectives for 2016

How We Did

Progress at a glance




● ● ● Met     ● ● ○ Mostly met     ● ○ ○ Partially met     ○ ○ ○ Not met

Use insights into the drivers of our CO2 footprint to identify additional CO2 reduction initiatives.

New Green Week delivered in The Netherlands, on themes ranging from food to mobility.

● ● ●

Execute the BREEAM assessment of the remaining buildings in 2016.

Delivered partially. Spain and Germany to be completed in 2017.

● ○ ○

Share results and joint successes with suppliers to further reduce Triodos Bank’s impact on the Environment.

Not delivered due to competing priorities during the year. This subject will be included in our contract management cycle during 2017.

○ ○ ○

The year at a glance


Triodos Bank
offsets 100%
of its CO2 emissions.

Triodos Bank is a carbon neutral organisation. It reduces its carbon footprint as far as it can and compensates for what remains.

The CO2 emission per FTE in 2016 decreased to 2.62 tons of CO2 compared to 2.87 tons in 2015. Total CO2 emissions across the whole Group increased by 2.7% compared with 2015. This is mainly due to an increase in office space (of 2.105 m2) and an increase in co-workers of 13.4%. In addition emissions by car increased by 13.2% while emissions for travel by public transport increased by 13.6%, compared to 2015.

CO2 emissions from business travel by plane decreased by 3.2%. Growing use of videoconferencing and "Skype for Business” contributed to this decline. Triodos Bank aims to lower these emissions further in 2017.

Subdivision of the total CO2 emission
of Triodos Bank

The amount of office paper decreased markedly in 2016 to 17 kg/FTE (2015: 26 kg/FTE). The amount of recycled printed paper was 0.17 kg/customer, a decrease of 37%. Total use of electricity also decreased, by 8.1% per kWh/FTE in 2016.

Sustainable Property

Some of Triodos Bank’s offices were assessed in 2016 using BREEAM methodology. The buildings in The Netherlands and the UK scored a ‘very good’ and in Belgium a ‘good’, based on three characteristics: occupier management, building management and asset performance of the building. Despite an effort to assess all offices during the year, Spain and Germany will be reviewed in 2017.

During the year the Spanish branch opened an office in Malaga. The branch will compensate 66 tonnes of CO2, the carbon emissions that resulted from the building’s construction, in 2017.


  • CO2 footprint data from 2016 will be shared with suppliers to create a dialogue with our suppliers.
  • Management information from our Travel Agent will be shared with co-workers to create awareness about our air travel behaviour.
  • A procurement process will start in three countries (The Netherlands, Belgium and the UK) to purchase new printers. After implementation it will be monitored to see if this leads to a further reduction in paper usage.
  • A Green Week first started in the UK to encourage more sustainable behaviour among co-workers. It extended to The Netherlands in 2016 and will be organised in all the countries where Triodos is active in 2017.