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Triodos Bank Divisions and Results

Triodos Bank’s activity is split between two core divisions, Triodos Bank’s savings and lending business and Triodos Investment Management. The following chapter provides an overview of our work in 2016 in each, including a short description of their work, key sub-sectors and how they performed during the year, as well as prospects for the future:

  • Retail and Business Banking, including Private Banking, which was responsible proportionately for 81% of Triodos Bank’s net profit in 2016
  • Triodos Investment Management and Investment Advisory Services, which makes up 19% of Triodos Bank’s overall net profit.

Products and services are offered to investors and savers enabling Triodos Bank to finance new and existing companies that contribute to the improvement of the environment, or create social or cultural added value. Details of these products and services follow below.

It is noteworthy that the privacy of client data is of increasing importance to both our stakeholders and Triodos Bank. We monitor developments in an area that is close to our values. During 2016 we collaborated with XS4all and Bits for Freedom to explore potential routes to further safeguard the privacy of our customers. We expect to develop this work further during 2017.