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Vision – Header image (photo)

The Future of Positive Impact

We want to share our approach with others in the financial sector and further improve our ability to understand, manage and communicate impact.

We also want to embed a more sophisticated approach to assessing and categorising impact by:

  • Managing impact more intentionally, creating a bank-wide approach to measuring the impact of projects on a project-by-project basis so we can determine how impactful a project is relative to its peers in the same sector.
  • finding a common methodology to measuring the carbon footprint of our finance. During 2015 we signed the Dutch Carbon Pledge at the Paris COP21 climate change conference, committing, with a group of financial institutions in The Netherlands, to find a common approach to measure and disclose the annual carbon foot print of our investments, as part of a wider effort to create a low carbon economy. In 2016 the work of the Platform for Carbon Accounting Financials (PCAF) developed several workstreams and expects to publish recommendations during 2017. An interim report describes this work to date.
  • further developing Triodos Bank’s existing impact metrics to better describe our impact for our stakeholders.
  • continuing to play an active role in the development of the GABV’s scorecard, to deliver an effective tool for stakeholders to assess the sustainability credentials of banks, including publishing Triodos Bank’s scorecard alongside our colleagues in the GABV, on a shared website during 2017.
  • Developing the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a framework that helps Triodos Bank manage its impact more effectively and helps stakeholders to understand how Triodos Bank’s impact finance fits into global efforts to meet the world’s greatest challenges.

Understanding your piece of pie

Please note that the pie chart on the homepage of this report highlights the proportion of lending Triodos Bank makes to particular sectors as a percentage of our overall loan book. These percentages do not include Triodos’ investment management activity.

However we have included the impact of our investment business, Triodos Investment Management, in the impact measures that appear later in the report. We think this is relevant to build a complete picture of the Triodos Group’s overall impact.