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Supervisory Board Report

The Supervisory Board supervises and reviews the activities and the decisions of the Executive Board, the development of Triodos Bank’s operations and the realisation of its mission, and contributes to strategy development. In addition, it assists the Executive Board by providing advice and guidance. The Board’s review is based on reports on business, finance, risk and other aspects, and on presentations, conversations and visits. These are scheduled so that all substantive areas of Triodos Bank are covered within a two-year time frame.

Triodos Bank in a changing banking landscape

The Supervisory Board is pleased that Triodos Bank has continued to extend its impact, deliver a fair profit and be both relevant and a reference point for stakeholders in values-based banking.

Technological, regulatory and market developments affected and changed the banking landscape in 2016. These changes influence the way banking is done, including at Triodos Bank, and have directly impacted on its plans for the future. The Supervisory Board continues to be satisfied with the bank’s response but is fully aware of the significant challenges it faces. The organisation is an effective, integrated values based bank that knows its strengths and its opportunities in the market.

During 2016 the Supervisory Board monitored the bank’s strategic focus and the three year business plan after its first year of execution. The Board discussed the 2017 plan which has been refined and adjusted to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing external landscape and market conditions – in particular the effects of a low interest environment and political changes in Europe. The challenge for the increasing number of businesses interested in integrating sustainability in their operations, such as Triodos Bank, is to generate more impact, while maintaining a resilient financial foundation and delivering a fair return.

The Supervisory Board supports the Executive Board, and Triodos Bank’s co-workers, in their continuing efforts to make a deep-seated and positive difference to the development of people’s quality of life.