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Capital Instruments Main Features

Triodos Bank has issued one capital instrument:


The main features are:

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Triodos Bank NV

Unique identifier

Not applicable. The shares have not been listed on any securities exchange

Governing law(s)

Dutch law

Regulatory treatment:


Transitional CRR rules

Common Equity Tier 1

Post-transitional CRR rules

Common Equity Tier 1

Eligible at solo/(sub-)consolidated/

Solo and Consolidated

Instrument type

Ordinary shares

Amount recognised in regulatory capital (Currency in million, as of most recent reporting date)

EUR 839.4. For a specification see the solvency chapter on page 142.

Nominal amount of instrument

The nominal amount per share is EUR 50. At reporting date 11,088,308 shares were issued and fully paid up so that the total nominal amount is EUR 554.4.

Issue price

The shares will be issued continuously. The issue price of shares will be determined daily by Triodos Bank on the basis of a fixed calculation model that calculates the actual net asset value of Triodos Bank (the NAV) divided by the number of issued shares (the NAV per share). The NAV is equal to the book value of the assets of Triodos Bank minus the book value of the liabilities of Triodos Bank. The issue price per share will be rounded to whole euros, whereby values of 0.5 euros or more are rounded up.

Redemption price

Not applicable.

Accounting classification

Shareholders equity

Original date of issuance

Triodos Bank N.V. was founded as a public limited company under Dutch law by deed of 30 June 1980. The issuance of shares started from that date.

Perpetual or dated


Original maturity date

No maturity

Issuer call subject to prior supervisory approval


Optional call date, contingent call dates and redemption amount

not applicable

Subsequent call dates, if applicable

not applicable

Coupons / dividends


Fixed or floating dividend/coupon

Floating dividend

Coupon rate and any related index

Part of the profit as reported in the adopted profit and loss account shall be used by the Executive Board to form or to add to the reserves to the extent that is deemed desirable by the Executive Board. Any remaining profit shall be distributed to the shareholders, unless the General Meeting decides otherwise. The General Meeting may at any time and for any reason decide to cancel dividends. The intention of the Statutory Directors is to have a stable dividend distribution per share.

Existence of a dividend stopper


Fully discretionary, partially discretionary or mandatory (in terms of timing)

Fully discretionary

Fully discretionary, partially discretionary or mandatory (in terms of amount)

Fully discretionary

Existence of step up or other incentive to redeem


If convertible, fully or partially

Not applicable

If convertible, fully or partially

Not applicable

If convertible, conversion trigger(s)

Not applicable

If convertible, fully or partially

Not applicable

If convertible, conversion rate

Not applicable

If convertible, mandatory or optional conversion

Not applicable

If convertible, specify instrument type convertible into

Not applicable

If convertible, specify issuer of instrument it converts into

Not applicable

Write-down features


If write-down, write-down trigger(s)

Not applicable

If write-down, full or partial

Not applicable

If write-down, permanent or temporary

Not applicable

If temporary write-down, description of write-up mechanism

Not applicable

Position in subordination hierarchy in liquidation (specify instrument type immediately senior to instrument)

The shares are immediate subordinated to the claims of depositors and the unsubordinated claims with respect to the repayment of borrowed money.