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Triodos Bank has ongoing dialogues with local and national governments and supervisory bodies, sometimes in partnership with other financial institutions or other partners. It engages in conversations about the sector and has regular meetings to discuss issues that are relevant to its business. Key topics it focuses on in conversations and consultations include the positive impact and potential of sustainable banking, the strength of greater diversity in the banking industry and the need for broader retail participation in impact investing.

Triodos Bank is a member of Banking Associations across Europe and is engaged in governmental and supervisory consultations with a focus on maintaining a diverse banking landscape and fair and effective regulatory conditions for small and medium-sized banks.

During 2016, Triodos Investment Management was one of the drivers for the investment management community embracing the United Nations’ Sustainable Developments Goals (SDGs). The leading financial institutions invited the Dutch government and Dutch Central Bank to continue to make a concerted effort together with the sector in support of the SDGs.

Triodos Bank took part in another initiative that was developed by the Dutch banking sector in close cooperation with NGOs, unions and the Dutch government, to draw up a covenant on international corporate social responsibility, with a particular emphasis on Human Rights.