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Triodos Bank values relationships and interaction between clients, entrepreneurs and co-workers extremely highly. It is at the heart of its approach to its work. So, every year a variety of client events are organised in all the countries where Triodos Bank is active. Clients, entrepreneurs and co-workers enjoy the opportunity to meet and discover how their money is put to work.

In Spain Triodos Bank organised a number of events to deepen relationships with customers, including customer visits to business clients and the first Business on Values meeting, where the winner of the 1st Triodos Enterprise Awards were announced. At the second awards at the end of the year, 22,000 customers took part choosing their favourite loan client, directly involving customers with the companies the bank finances. The Spanish branch also held focus groups in which customers discussed their image of the banking sector, the concept of ethical banking, Triodos Bank in general and some of our products and communications. The results were used to support future campaigns and product development.

Triodos Bank organises client days in all the countries where it operates to share dilemmas, and create space for questions and discussion. In The Netherlands this included hosting a ‘Heart-Head day’, enabling personal customers to meet with loan clients. Similar connections were made during the Belgian branch’s client day in Brussels around the central theme ‘the impact of your money’.

Co-workers meet business clients at a wide range of domestic and international events during the year, including Biofach (Europe’s largest organic agriculture event, in Germany) and the BioCultura in Spain, as well as special theme days enabling Triodos Bank’s Boards and specialists to meet with clients from a variety of sustainable sectors. The 2015 theme day focused on sustainable property and included meetings with several loan clients and sector experts.

Survey results included feedback from a stakeholder engagement meeting, conducted as part of Triodos Bank’s 2015 materiality analysis, and a questionnaire which in 2015 was conducted in all Triodos Bank’s branches. Five in-depth interviews took place with stakeholders in Belgium, creating a richer and more international perspective from Triodos Bank’s stakeholders.

A detailed customer satisfaction survey was also executed in some branches during 2015 and in will be completed in all countries in 2016, providing important feedback on a range of issues. Typically the results provide a picture of a customer base who feel very positive about their relationship with Triodos Bank. In the UK, for example, the bank’s Net Promoter Score was +45, which reflects a strong inclination to promote Triodos Bank to others. The results of these efforts were combined and used to determine the materiality analysis.

Triodos Investment Management’s funds also involve an intensive engagement process in the selection of organisations and projects finances. To encourage more responsible shareholdership Triodos Investment Management also regularly engages in annual meetings and surveys.